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DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeRound / BoardCountryRankSCsScore
2015-05-03World DipCon XXV 2015WDC/CUPR 5 B 3England28c.115
2015-05-03World DipCon XXV 2015WDC/CUPR 4 B 3Germany18c.154
2015-05-03World DipCon XXV 2015WDC/CUPR 3 B 2Turkey53c.19
2013-08-25World DipCon XXIII 2013WDCR 2 B 3Austria519077
2013-08-25World DipCon XXIII 2013WDCR 1 B 3Italy53c.16
2013-05-05Euro DipCon XXI 2013EDC/NDCR 4 B 2Turkey719055
2013-05-05Euro DipCon XXI 2013EDC/NDCR 3 B 2Austria212c.40
2013-05-05Euro DipCon XXI 2013EDC/NDCR 2 B 1Germany62ex1c.12
2013-05-05Euro DipCon XXI 2013EDC/NDCR 1 B 1France32ex6c.25
2011-09-18BerliCon 2011CUPR 3 B 1White82c.3
2011-09-18BerliCon 2011CUPR 2 B 1Turkey62ex0c.1
2011-09-18BerliCon 2011CUPR 2 B 2Germany32ex7c.11.5
2011-09-18BerliCon 2011CUPR 1 B 1England62ex3c.4
2010-10-31MilanCon VI 2010CUPR 3 B 1Russia37c.92.4
2010-10-31MilanCon VI 2010CUPR 2 B 5Germany45c.41
2010-10-31MilanCon VI 2010CUPR 1 B 1Austria18c.164.2
2010-10-17Coupe du Dragon 2010NDC/CUPR 3 B 1England14ex7c.32.75
2010-10-17Coupe du Dragon 2010NDC/CUPR 2 B 2France42ex4c.15
2010-10-17Coupe du Dragon 2010NDC/CUPR 1 B 1Austria42ex4c.15
2010-08-22World DipCon XX 2010WDCR 2 B 10Italy32ex6c.16.239
2009-12-20XXVème Championnat de France 2009NDCR 2 B 8Russia719061
2009-08-02Euro DipCon XVII 2009EDCR 3 B 3France61c.2
2009-07-26HuskyCon 2009CUPR 3 B 3Germany53ex19050
2009-07-26HuskyCon 2009CUPR 2 B 5France719060
2009-07-26HuskyCon 2009CUPR 1 B 4Turkey54c.4
2009-07-12Utrecht Diplomacy Tournament 2009CUPR 4 B 2Italy719071
2009-07-12Utrecht Diplomacy Tournament 2009CUPR 3 B 2Austria61c.2
2009-06-14Diplomacy Over The Lake 2009CUPR 2 B 1Germany52ex5c.27.3
2009-06-14Diplomacy Over The Lake 2009CUPR 1 B 1England53ex19051
2008-12-14XXIVème Championnat de France 2008NDCR 1 B 5Germany37c.15
2008-12-01Nederland Kampioenschap 2008NDCR 1 B 1Germany70c.1
2008-11-23HessenCon 2008CUPR 2 B 2England52ex1c.12
2008-11-23HessenCon 2008CUPR 1 B 3Austria22ex8c.38
2008-11-09Fossombrone 2008CUPR 3 B 1Austria63c.29.7
2008-11-09Fossombrone 2008CUPR 2 B 1Germany45c.40.5
2008-11-09Fossombrone 2008CUPR 1 B 2Italy54c.35.1
2008-10-19NK Voorronde Leeuwarden 2008CUPR 1 B 1Germany36c.14
2008-10-04NK Voorronde Utrecht 2008CUPR 1 B 1Germany28c.23
2008-08-17World DipCon XVIII 2008WDC/NDCR 4 B 8France24ex6c.16.594
2008-08-17World DipCon XVIII 2008WDC/NDCR 3 B 4Turkey22ex8c.23.14
2008-08-17World DipCon XVIII 2008WDC/NDCR 2 B 3Germany32ex4c.9.266
2008-08-17World DipCon XVIII 2008WDC/NDCR 1 B 5Austria32ex5c.12.924
2008-08-10BerliCon 2008NDCR 3 B 1Italy25ex5c.9.4
2008-08-10BerliCon 2008NDCR 2 B 1England52ex19070.7
2008-08-10BerliCon 2008NDCR 1 B 3Russia46c.6
2008-07-06Utrecht Diplomacy Tournament 2008CUPR 3 B 1France18c.20
2008-07-06Utrecht Diplomacy Tournament 2008CUPR 2 B 1Austria54c.12
2008-06-29Pisa 2008CUPR 3 B 1Italy61c.13.06
2008-06-29Pisa 2008CUPR 2 B 1England19c.33.54
2008-04-13Euro DipCon XVI 2008EDCR 4 B 3Italy52ex2c.9.81
2008-04-13Euro DipCon XVI 2008EDCR 3 B 4England28c.83.16
2008-04-13Euro DipCon XVI 2008EDCR 2 B 2Russia719071
2007-12-09XXIIIème Championnat de France 2007NDCR 4 B 4England52ex2c.3
2007-12-09XXIIIème Championnat de France 2007NDCR 3 B 1France111c.50
2007-12-09XXIIIème Championnat de France 2007NDCR 2 B 8Austria62ex19051
2007-12-09XXIIIème Championnat de France 2007NDCR 1 B 1Russia52c.3
2007-10-28NK Voorronde Leeuwarden 2007CUPR 1 B 1Russia719080
2007-10-07MilanCon IV 2007NDCR 3 B 2France36c.70.632
2007-10-07MilanCon IV 2007NDCR 2 B 1England35c.64.68
2007-09-15NK Voorronde Utrecht 2007CUPR 2 B 3Italy52ex4c.12
2007-09-15NK Voorronde Utrecht 2007CUPR 1 B 2Russia52c.6
2007-09-10Euro DipCon XV 2007EDCR 4 B 5Austria619066
2007-09-10Euro DipCon XV 2007EDCR 3 B 7Austria22ex6c.25
2007-09-10Euro DipCon XV 2007EDCR 2 B 6Turkey110c.78
2007-09-10Euro DipCon XV 2007EDCR 1 B 3Russia42ex2c.14
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONR 6 B 1Italy41c.1.0892
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONR 5 B 3Turkey210c.29.99
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONR 4 B 3France38c.22.908
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONR 3 B 2England76ex6c.0
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONR 2 B 6Russia52ex2c.3.033
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONR 1 B 2Austria62ex19060
2007-06-24DomDipCup IV 2007CUPR 3 B 1Austria719040
2007-06-24DomDipCup IV 2007CUPR 3 B 3Italy42ex4c.9
2007-06-24DomDipCup IV 2007CUPR 2 B 1England63c.9
2006-12-09Nederland Kampioenschap 2006NDCR 1 B 1Italy73c.9
2006-11-12NK Voorronde Utrecht 2006CUPR 2 B 2England27c.16
2006-11-12NK Voorronde Utrecht 2006CUPR 1 B 1Germany12ex8c.18
2006-08-06World DipCon XVI 2006WDCR 5 B 11Germany52ex19050.5
2006-08-06World DipCon XVI 2006WDCR 3 B 5Turkey45c.13.147
2006-08-06World DipCon XVI 2006WDCR 2 B 1France53c.6.852
2006-08-06World DipCon XVI 2006WDCR 1 B 10Austria52ex19070.7
2006-06-05NK Voorronde Leeuwarden 2006CUPR 2 B 1Russia23ex7c.15
2006-06-05NK Voorronde Leeuwarden 2006CUPR 1 B 2Italy63c.9
2005-10-09NK Voorronde Utrecht 2005CUPR 2 B 1Russia61c.3
2005-10-09NK Voorronde Utrecht 2005CUPR 1 B 2France12ex9c.19
2005-06-12Euro DipCon XIII 2005EDCR 3 B 3France53c.9
2005-06-12Euro DipCon XIII 2005EDCR 1 B 3Austria62ex19060
2002-07-21NK Voorronde Utrecht 2002CUPR 2 B 2England37c.15

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