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YearName of the circuitRankName of the teamRank (Team)
2017Tour de France 2016 - 201711/59 players--
2015Campionato Italo San Marinese 2015In Progress--
2015European Grand Prix 201525/116 players--
2015Tour de France 20154/67 players--
2014Central Shuffle 201438/93 players--
2014North American Grand Prix 201437/187 players--
2014Tour de France 201416/67 players--
2010Campionato Italo San Marinese 201054/54 players--
2010European Grand Prix 201025/172 players--
2010Tour de France 201010/129 players--
2009European Grand Prix 200936/175 players--
2009Tour de France 20092/149 players--
2009Vier-Chancen-Tournee 200934/65 players--
2008Campionato Italo San Marinese 200844/48 players--
2008Championnat de la Méditerranée 200833/50 players--
2008European Grand Prix 200826/207 playersNN25
2008Tour de Belgique 200821/30 players--
2008Tour de France 200825/101 players--
2008Vier-Chancen-Tournee 200862/115 players--
2007European Grand Prix 200724/272 playersTri-Nations3
2007North American Grand Prix 200717/270 players--
2007Tour de Belgique 20073/35 players--
2007Tour de France 200717/169 players--
2006Campionato Italo San Marinese 200626/55 players--
2006Championnat de la Méditerranée 200626/67 players--
2006European Grand Prix 20067/340 playersOrange Hammer5
2006North American Grand Prix 200650/200 players--
2006Route du Rhône 200631/82 players--
2006Tour de France 20064/245 players--
2006Vier-Chancen-Tournee 20068/155 playersAGAR3
2006West Coast Swaggle 200627/30 players--
2005Bismark Cup 200533/65 players--
2005European Grand Prix 20052/364 playersEvil Genius3
2005North American Grand Prix 200527/234 players--
2005Tour de France 20051/275 players--
2005Vier-Chancen-Tournee 20058/187 players--
2005West Coast Swaggle 200511/36 players--
2004European Grand Prix 20041/472 playersThe Belgian Champions1
2004Tour de France 20043/182 players--
2004Vier-Chancen-Tournee 20047/143 playersDie Frösche6
2003Bismark Cup 200321/52 players--
2003Coupe de Paris 200315/27 players--
2003European Grand Prix 20031/349 playersThe Belgian Champions1
2003North American Grand Prix 2003194/213 players--
2003Swedish Diplomacy Rally 200322/24 players--
2003Tour de France 20031/173 players--
2002Bismark Cup 200222/84 players--
2002Coupe de Paris 20021/24 players--
2002European Grand Prix 20022/283 playersOrbital Brain Control St.1
2002Swedish Diplomacy Rally 20025/29 players--
2001Swedish Diplomacy Rally 200111/25 players--
2000North American Grand Prix 200086/125 players--

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