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Best performances in tournament
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeName of the team
2010-08-29Euro DipCon XVIII 2010EDCBrothers in Arms
2009-08-02Euro DipCon XVII 2009EDCTeam A
2008-08-17World DipCon XVIII 2008WDC/NDCBrothers in Arms
2007-01-27IVème Coupe de France par équipe 2007NCUPDiplosaures
2006-10-29XXIIème Championnat de France 2006NDCYoda's Fan Club
2006-08-06World DipCon XVI 2006WDCZi Haz been's
2005-06-26 Championnat d'Ile-de-France 2005CUPWilliam shall not pass
2005-06-12Euro DipCon XIII 2005EDCTwerg is not here
2004-09-26Euro DipCon XII 2004EDCFive in a Row
2004-08-08Felix Austria 2004NDCLei is not here
2003-09-19Swedish NDC 2003NDCDet ond-ondaste laget
2003-06-29Arcon XIX 2003NDCY Win Pack
2003-05-07Euro DipCon XI 2003EDC/NDCEquipe
2002-07-28Euro DipCon X 2002EDCEquipe A
2001-11-11Euro DipCon IX 2001EDCDrunken Bums
2001-04-15GothCon XXV 2001CUP/NDCEquipe A
2006-07-30Felix Austria 2006NDCFrance-May's Boyfriends
2003-07-19ManorCon 21 2003CUPUnited Bastards of Benetton
2002-07-01ManorCon 20 2002CUPTeam Blank
2007-07-01 Championnat d'Ile-de-France 2007CUPMoi
2006-07-02 Championnat d'Ile-de-France 2006CUPMiguel à la casa
2002-04-01World DipCon XII 2002WDC/NDCReservoir Frogs

Best performances in circuit
Name of the circuitName of the team
European Grand Prix 2004The Belgian Champions
European Grand Prix 2003The Belgian Champions
European Grand Prix 2002Orbital Brain Control St.
European Grand Prix 2007Tri-Nations
Vier-Chancen-Tournee 2006AGAR
European Grand Prix 2005Evil Genius

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