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DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeStep of the following circuitsRankName of the teamRank (Team)
2010-08-22World DipCon XX 2010WDCEGP 41 / 76 playersThe Well I don't Knows17 / 17 teams
2006-12-09Nederland Kampioenschap 2006NDC2 / 7 players--
2006-11-12NK Voorronde Utrecht 2006CUP1 / 22 players--
2005-07-31World DipCon XV 2005WDCESW NAGP 71 / 83 players--
2005-06-12Euro DipCon XIII 2005EDCEGP TDF VCT 45 / 70 players--
2004-07-18World DipCon XIV 2004WDCEGP 85 / 113 playersKie to Hol8 / 15 teams
2004-06-12DomDipCup II 2004CUPEGP VCT 9 / 24 players--
2003-11-09NK Voorronde Den Haag 2003CUP12 / 22 players--
2003-09-20NK Voorronde Amersfoort 2003CUP9 / 12 players--
2003-04-06DomDipCup I 2003CUPEGP 14 / 33 players--
2003-02-16World DipCon XIII 2003WDCNAGP 97 / 128 players--
2002-12-14Nederland Kampioenschap 2002NDC6 / 7 players--
2002-11-24XVIIIème Championnat de France 2002NDCEGP 40 / 93 players--
2002-10-13NK Voorronde Amersfoort 2002CUP9 / 21 players--
2002-07-21NK Voorronde Utrecht 2002CUP2 / 29 players--
2002-06-09Open Télécom 2002CUP/NCUP2 / 30 players--

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