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AuthorLeï Säärlainen Last Update2020-04-09
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It's the coeff 3.

Geoff KERR
International ranking (National ranking)106 (15) Score559.00

DateCountryName of the tournamentRankCoeff1Coeff2Coeff3Score
2011-01-23Australian Championships 20118/
2010-03-07Victorian Championships 20108/325.002.509.007.50
2008-01-28Australian Championships 20087/216.002.0010.0012.80
2007-10-01Sydney Diplomacy Challenge 20077/
2006-11-12The Don Challenge Cup 20062/
2006-06-12New South Wales Championships 20063/
2006-01-29Australian Championships 20062/
2005-10-02The Don Challenge Cup 20053/
2004-01-26Australian Championships 20046/
2003-11-30GongCon 20031/
2003-10-05The Don Challenge Cup 20035/
2003-06-09New South Wales Championships 20035/
2003-04-20Victorian Championships 20034/
2002-12-01GongCon 20024/
2002-06-10New South Wales Championships 20027/
2001-06-11New South Wales Championships 20011/335.002.509.0090.00
1999-06-14New South Wales Championships 19997/
1998-07-19Queensland Championships 19981/124.000.505.0054.00
1997-01-27Australian Championships 19977/266.002.0010.0012.80
1996-06-09New South Wales Championships 19963/305.002.509.0045.00
1993-04-11Victorian Championships 199311/465.003.5013.005.10

Name of the circuitRankCoeff1Coeff2Coeff3Score
Bismark Cup 2010612.000.0010.0024.00
Bismark Cup 2009812.000.0010.0014.40
Bismark Cup 2006712.000.0010.0019.20
Bismark Cup 2004512.000.0010.0030.00
Bismark Cup 2003112.000.0010.00120.00

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