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Year Country Kind of Tournament Type
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Date Country Name of the tournament Type Nbr Players Coeff1Coeff2Coeff3
2019-10-27Australian Federal National Capital Championship 2019CUP165.001.007.00
2019-10-06MaccCon Autumn 2019CUP142.001.005.00
2019-09-18Open de Paris 2019CUP142.001.005.00
2019-09-08DipCon 2019DIPCON479.006.0020.00
2019-09-01World DipCon XXIX 2019WDC3812.008.0019.00
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019CUP203.002.007.00
2019-06-23Boston Massacre 2019CUP/CUP244.002.007.00
2019-05-26Dixie 33 2019CUP365.003.0011.00
2019-04-28Weasel Moot XIII 2019CUP225.002.007.00
2019-03-17Melbourne Diplomacy Open 2019CUP185.001.507.00
2019-03-03Weasel Royale 2018MASTERS73.000.003.00
2019-02-24The Boroughs 2019CUP122.001.004.00
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019CUP194.001.506.00
2018-12-02Open Dutch Diplomacy Championship 2018NDC194.001.006.00
2018-11-18Euro DipCon XXVI 2018EDC299.006.0014.00
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018CUP333.002.5010.00
2018-10-07World DipCon XXVIII 2018WDC9412.008.0030.00
2018-09-28Open de Paris 2018CUP142.001.005.00
2018-09-02Weasel Moot XII 2018CUP285.002.508.00
2018-08-21The Bar Room Brawl 2018MASTERS71.500.003.00
2018-08-04Liberty Cup 2018CUP/CUP224.002.007.00
2018-06-24Boston Massacre 2018CUP294.002.509.00
2018-05-27Dixie 32 2018CUP415.003.5012.00
2018-04-15CODCon Open 2018CUP213.002.007.00
2018-02-25TotalCon 2018CUP263.002.007.00
2018-01-28Cascadia Open 2018CUP194.001.506.00
2017-11-19XXXIIIe championnat de France 2017NDC123.000.003.00
2017-10-22The Bar Room Brawl 2017MASTERS71.500.003.00
2017-10-08Nate Cockerill Memorial 2017MASTERS71.000.003.00
2017-09-24Weasel Royale 2017MASTERS73.000.003.00
2017-09-17Boston Massacre 2017CUP274.002.508.00
2017-09-0Netherlands Diplomacy Championship 2017NDC94.000.003.00
2017-08-26Salon Diplomatique 2017CUP61.000.001.00
2017-08-19United States Diplomacy Championship 2017NDC603.004.5015.00
2017-07-29World Boardgaming Championships 2017CUP274.002.509.00
2017-07-09World DipCon XXVII 2017WDC8412.008.0030.00
2017-06-25Weasel Moot XI 2017CUP365.003.0011.00
2017-06-24Euro DipCon XXV 2017EDC179.006.009.00
2017-06-19Origins 2017CUP153.001.005.00
2017-06-18XXXIIème Championnat de France 2017NDC226.002.0010.00
2017-05-28Dixie 31 2017CUP285.002.509.00
2017-04-09CODCon Open 2017CUP213.002.007.00
2017-04-02BADAss Whipping 2017CUP363.003.0011.00
2017-02-26TotalCon 2017CUP203.001.506.00
2017-01-29Cascadia Open 2017CUP214.002.007.00
2017-01-01DipCon 2017DIPCON9.006.0020.00
2016-12-04PoppyCon 2016CUP104.000.003.00
2016-12-03Tournoi de Bourgogne 2016CUP111.500.003.00
2016-11-16The Bar Room Brawl 2016MASTERS71.500.003.00
2016-11-06Carnage on the Mountain 2016CUP383.003.0011.00

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