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Number of tournaments7Number of boards played74Number of players109
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The tournaments year after year
YearNbr of tournamentsAverage number of playersNbr PlayersThe biggest tournament
200413535IsraelDipCon IV 2004 (35)
2003220.533IsraelDipCon III 2003 (26)
200222236IsraelDipCon II 2002 (29)
200113333IsraelDipCon I 2001 (33)
200011212Jerusalem Sukot Convention I 2000 (12)

The five biggest tournaments
DateName of the tournamentNbr Players
2004-04-07IsraelDipCon IV 200435
2001-04-13IsraelDipCon I 200133
2002-04-05IsraelDipCon II 200229
2003-04-20IsraelDipCon III 200326
2002-09-26Jerusalem Sukot Convention II 200215

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