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Scoring System

Name Author Kind of system
Armada/Regetta Declining CentersManus HandDraw
AvalonCon 1992Jim YerkeyDraw + Center Count
Bear Con 1/Russian DipCon 2009Alex LebedevRank + Center Count
Bertie\'s Scoring System (Don 2009)Andrew GoffRank + Center Count
Board Game ChampionshipDon Del GrandeDraw + Center Count
Boston Massacre 2003-07Melissa Call et alCenter Count
C-Diplo 100Bruno-André GiraudonRank
C-Diplo 73Bruno-André GiraudonRank
C-Diplo 73 DAANZExtension of the C-Diplo 73 with comparison for tournament resultsCenter Count
C-Diplo 80Rank
C-Diplo ArgirBruno-André Giraudon & Vincent ArcherRank
C-Diplo de NamurLei SaarlainenRank + Center Count
C-Diplo de Namur (18centres)Lei Saarlainen, modified by Jacob MadamourRank + Center Count
Calgary ConsensusCalgarian Strategem CouncilDraw
Cascade 2005J.T. FestCenter Count
Conquest Sum of RankingsEdi BirsanRank
CricketKen Spout + Andrew Goff +DAANZ Crass RevisionistCenter Count
Cruise Con SystemChris MartinDraw + Center Count
Detour 98eBill Brown, John Cain, Tristen Lee from Ken Sproat\'s Detour March1998Center Count
Detour 98fBrandon Clarke revision of Detour 98eCenter Count
DipCon 1993 PacifiConDon DelGrandeDraw + Center Count
DipCon 26Don Del GrandeDraw + Center Count
DipCon 3 1970 Oklahoma CityJeff Key, Eric Just
DipCon 5Len LakofkaRank
DipCon 8 Chicago Top BoardGordy AndersonDraw + Center Count
DixieConDavid Hood/Mike LowryDraw + Center Count
Dollar DiplomacyEdi BirsanDraw + Center Count
Dragonflight Draw SystemBuz EddyDraw
DundraCon 2005Tom HiltonDraw + Center Count
GenCon Country Rank systemUnknownRank
KIS ((Keep It Simple))DAANZCenter Count
Kinzett Rating SystemNick KinzettDraw
KublaCon 2 Lead SystemEdi Birsan
KublaCon KILL SystemEdi BirsanDraw + Center Count
KublaCon Ranking SystemEdi BirsanRank
ManorConCenter Count
OWLS Modified Cricket by ThorinCenter Count
Origins 1976 Rocamora/BirsanMike Rocamora and Edi BirsanRank + Center Count
Origins 1977 Modified Rocamora/BirsanMike RocamoraRank + Center Count
Origins 1979Mark BerchDraw + Center Count
Origins 1992=>Dan MathiasDraw + Center Count
Squares-DAANZJohn Cain 1999Center Count
Super PastisEmmanuel du Pontavice & Gwen MaggiWave
Tempest 2005Andy MarshallDraw + Center Count
Voting SystemJon SaulRank
WBC Yerkey SystemJim YerkeyDraw + Center Count
WDC Victoria 2007Matt Shields/Jake MannixRank + Center Count
WackyCon Version 1Jake Mannix
Walker SystemRod Walker
Weasel Moot 2007Jim O\'KelleyDraw + Center Count
Whipping 2006Adam SilvermanDraw + Center Count
Win Tier SystemDave MaletskyRank + Center Count

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