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Masters de Diplomacy 2005
Date January 29, 2006 Place Paris, ENS
Tournament Director Leï SÄÄRLAINEN, Pierre DEHORNOY, Emmanuel DU PONTAVICE Scoring System Win Namur
Number of players 22 Number of rounds2 Number of boards6
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics
En deuxième ronde, Axel Changarnier a remplacé Druk Dzongkha en 1902.

Country Kind of Tournament

DateCountryName of the tournamentTypePlaceNbr PlayersNbr RoundsNbr BoardsFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.
2014-12-17Masters de Diplomacy 2014MASTERSParis711Gwen MAGGI
2013-12-06Masters de Diplomacy 2013MASTERSParis711Laurent JOLY
2012-11-30Masters de Diplomacy 2012MASTERSParis, Hôtel La Louisiane711Emmanuel DU PONTAVICE
2012-06-09Masters de Diplomacy 2011MASTERSParis711Cyrille SEVIN
2010-12-10Masters de Diplomacy 2010MASTERSParis, Hôtel La Louisiane711Philippe DUMAY
2009-12-18Masters de Diplomacy 2009MASTERSParis, Hôtel La Louisiane711Alexandre GODFROY
2007-01-28Masters de Diplomacy 2006MASTERSBoulogne-Billancourt1524Arnaud DAINA
2006-01-29Masters de Diplomacy 2005MASTERSParis, ENS2226Alexandre GODFROY
2005-03-27Masters de Diplomacy 2004MASTERSBoulogne-Billancourt2326Alexis PAIN
1998-01-01Masters de Diplomacy 1997MASTERSParis2736Olivier CADORET
1997-01-01Masters de Diplomacy 1996MASTERS2637Richard BOURRELLY
1996-01-01Masters de Diplomacy 1995MASTERS25Ibrahim LOUBER
1995-01-08VIIème Masters de diplomacy 1994CUP21Emmanuel LORGE
1994-01-09VIème Masters de diplomacy 1993CUPParis, Dauphine44212Emmanuel LORGE
1993-05-16Vème Masters de diplomacy 1992CUPCourbevoie46212Abdenour MERGHEM
1992-01-01IVème Masters de diplomacy 1991CUPParis, Université Dauphine2928Philippe GOMES
1991-01-01IIIème Masters de diplomacy 1990CUPParis, Université Dauphine1524Moï FINK
1986-12-08IIème Masters de diplomacy 1986CUPAJT1524Venios ANGELOPOULOS
1985-12-01Ier Masters de diplomacy 1985CUPParis1424Laurent TAILLANDIER

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