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Borucon V 2004
Date August 23, 2004 Place Dublin
Tournament Director Fearghal O'DONNCHU Scoring System C-Diplo
Number of players 25 Number of rounds3 Number of boards?
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European Grand Prix 2004

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1R2R3
1Per LARSSON137.523.54569
2David NORMAN127.8323.547.3357
3Fintan PALMER122.333247.3343
4Mathieu ROBIN118651538
5Liam COSGRAVE116.51824.574
6Dennis ANDERSSON11068933
7Graham WOODRING109.56628.515
8Chris MARTIN109206920
9René VAN ROOIJEN103.530.54627
10Niclas PEREZ102.334647.339
11Brian SHARKY87.54424.519
12Jörg SCHAFER85452119
13Muiris O'DONNCHU71151838
14Yann CLOUET68.5201929.5
15Brian CONNELL6767
16Tage BENGTSSON63322011
17Kevin COOKE59211325
18Jens PERSSON56.523.533
19André ILIEVICS46.51828.5
20Tobias HANSSON30.530.5
21Morgan O'SHEA2727
22Derek MURPHY23.523.5
23Sean O'SHEA2020
24Ray SETZER1111
25Brian MCNALLY99

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