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Best performances in tournament
DateCountryName of the tournamentType
2018-04-01BADAss Whipping 2018CUP
2018-01-28Cascadia Open 2018CUP
2011-01-16NADF Masters 2011MASTERS
2009-08-16Moscon I 2009NDC
2007-08-05DragonFlight 2007CUP
2007-02-10ShieldCon 2007CUP
2006-12-10MilanCon III 2006NDC
2005-05-15San Marino Con 2005NDC
2004-09-26Euro DipCon XII 2004EDC
2004-08-27Dip in the Ocean 2004CUP
2004-06-20Massacre 2004CUP
2003-07-20Victoria DipCon 2003CUP
2003-05-04SA DipCon I 2003NDC
2002-08-25DragonFlight 2002CUP
2001-03-11PiggyBack 2001CUP
2001-01-07Stratagem 2001NDC
2000-03-26PiggyBack 2000CUP
2000-02-13Regatta I 2000CUP
1989-07-30DipCon 22 (overall results) 1989DIPCON
2013-08-22Gunboat WorldDipCon 2013CUP
2007-06-10Weasel Moot I 2007CUP
2005-11-19GenCon SoCal 2005CUP
2005-06-12Euro DipCon XIII 2005EDC
2001-04-22CoBra 01 2001NDC
2000-06-12New South Wales Championships 2000CUP
1999-08-01World Boardgaming Championships 1999CUP
2019-09-08DipCon 2019DIPCON
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019CUP
2014-08-24ConCon 2014CUP
2006-02-19DunDracon 2006CUP
2005-07-31World DipCon XV 2005WDC
2005-03-13DipCon 38 2005DIPCON
2003-05-25KublaCon 2003CUP
2000-08-27DragonFlight 2000CUP
1999-07-01Euro DipCon VII 1999EDC
1970-07-05DipCon III 1970DIPCON

Best performances in circuit
Central Shuffle 2009
North American Grand Prix 2002
North American Grand Prix 2000
North American Grand Prix 2005
North American Grand Prix 1999

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