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AuthorLeï Säärlainen Last Update2022-06-06
International ranking National ranking
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It's the coeff 3.

Alexandre GODFROY
International ranking (National ranking)100 (17) Score583.50

DateCountryName of the tournamentRankCoeff1Coeff2Coeff3Score
2021-11-07Championnat de France 202110/236.002.0010.003.20
2019-12-01Championnat de France 20191/
2019-09-18Open de Paris 20191/141.501.005.0030.00
2018-11-18Euro DipCon XXVI 201814/289.006.0014.003.00
2017-11-19XXXIIIe championnat de France 20171/
2017-06-18XXXIIème Championnat de France 20164/226.002.0010.0032.00
2015-11-15XXXIème Championnat de France 20152/246.002.0010.0064.00
2015-04-06Tournoi de la Souris Verte 20152/
2013-08-25World DipCon XXIII 201317/7512.008.0030.0028.00
2009-12-18Masters de Diplomacy 20091/
2009-10-10Championnat d'Ile-de-France 20094/293.002.509.0022.00
2009-06-01Trou Normand II 20093/
2009-04-18Open de Paris 20093/91.500.003.004.50
2008-12-14XXIVème Championnat de France 20083/556.004.0014.0060.00
2008-07-14VIè Open du FLIP 20086/
2008-05-11Trou Normand 20086/312.002.509.009.00
2007-12-09XXIIIème Championnat de France 200715/766.005.0017.006.60
2007-09-10Euro DipCon XV 20078/539.006.0020.0043.50
2006-01-29Masters de Diplomacy 20051/
2004-07-12IIè Open du FLIP 20041/282.502.008.0054.00
2004-06-27Ier Tournoi du Luxembourg 20043/101.500.003.004.50
2002-09-01Coupe de Paris - Etape 5 20021/
2002-07-07Coupe de Paris - Etape 4 20021/
1997-01-01Open ESIEA 19977/351.503.0011.008.10

Name of the circuitRankCoeff1Coeff2Coeff3Score
Tour de France 201516.000.007.0060.00
Tour de France 200946.000.007.0012.00
Tour de France 200876.

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