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XIIème Championnat de France 1996
Date February 1, 1997 Place Paris, ENS
Tournament Director Scoring System C-Diplo
Number of players 74 Number of rounds4 Number of boards26
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
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Top board
NameRankFirstName LastNameCountry playedSCs
The player didn't play the top board

Round 1 Board 7
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaThierry ALLAIS0 c.1
EnglandAlain DANLOY5 c.6
FranceRenaud DURAND3 c.4
GermanyEric MOYROUD7 c.22
ItalyFlorent LEPEYTRE5 c.6
RussiaEric MARCHAND8 c.47
TurkeyOlivier COINDY6 c.14
Round 2 Board 5
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaThomas PORNIN0 c.1
EnglandPhilippe MERLET12 c.27
FranceToni RIBEIRO DA SILVA9 c.17
GermanyEric DELEPIERRE0 c.1
ItalyEric MOYROUD0 c.1
RussiaCédric PILONI0 c.1
TurkeyLaurent PERIER13 c.52
Round 3 Board 2
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaEric MOYROUD3 c.4
EnglandFrançois SOMMAIRE0 c.1
FrancePhilippe CLAVAUD11 c.50
GermanyArnaud BOIREL8 c.19.5
ItalyTangi LE DANTEC0 c.1
RussiaMakhno SABET4 c.5
TurkeyOlivier CADORET8 c.19.5
Round 4 Board 5
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaAlain DANLOY2 c.3
EnglandEric MOYROUD10 c.49
FrancePascal MONTAGNA8 c.23
GermanyVincent CARRY0 c.1
ItalyJoseph CHEVROT4 c.5
RussiaFleur LEFEBVRE4 c.5
TurkeyCyrille SEVIN6 c.14

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