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World DipCon XX 2010
Date August 20-22, 2010 Place Den Haag
Tournament Director RenÚ VAN ROOIJEN, Frank OOSTEROM Scoring System Manorcon
Number of players 76 Number of rounds5 Number of boards45
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European Grand Prix 2010
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Top board
NameRankFirstName LastNameCountry playedSCs
The player didn't play the top board

Round 1 Board 6
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaJan HEDELUND0 c.0.2
EnglandLuigi PAVESI0 c.0.3
FrancePeter MCNAMARA15 c.51.365
GermanyVincent DIAS DE ALMEIDA3 c.6.314
ItalyHolger FIEDLER6 c.12.969
RussiaUlrich DEGWITZ2 c.4.778
TurkeyAlexandre GODFROY8 c.19.113
Round 2 Board 7
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaSteve AGG0 c.0.3
EnglandUlrich DEGWITZ1 c.3.846
FranceThibault CONSTANS4 c.8.791
GermanyToby HARRIS6 c.13.919
ItalyFabrice ESSNER1 c.3.846
RussiaDave WREATHALL10 c.28.571
TurkeyFabian STRAUB12 c.38.095
Round 3 Board 7
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaBas VAN OPHEUSDEN1 c.4.268
EnglandEmmanuel CHANE0 c.0.4
FranceMichael BINDER9 c.27.033
GermanyDomitien GILLET8 c.22.764
ItalyUlrich DEGWITZ5 c.12.398
RussiaChristian GUNTHER-HANSSEN3 c.7.52
TurkeyGiuseppe SALERNO8 c.22.764
Round 5 Board 3
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaUlrich DEGWITZ0 c.0.6
EnglandMoritz AM ENDE6 c.13.149
FranceSteve AGG0 c.0.5
GermanySteve LYTTON5 c.10.554
ItalyDaniel LEINICH10 c.26.99
RussiaWouter DUISTERS0 c.0.6
TurkeyAron AMBROSIANI13 c.41.003

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