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DipCon 36 2003
Tempest in a teapot V
Date October 10, 2003 Place Washington
Tournament Director Scoring System PTKS
Number of players 64 Number of rounds4 Number of boards28
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
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Step of the following circuits
Eastern Swing 2003North American Grand Prix 2003

Country Kind of Tournament

DateCountryName of the tournamentTypePlaceNbr PlayersNbr RoundsNbr BoardsFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.
2022-05-01Dipcon Whipping 2022DIPCON FtF North American Championship - California40420Tanya GILL
2021-11-06Dipcon 2021DIPCON/CUPContinental Championship - Vermont32312Adam SILVERMAN
2019-09-08DipCon 2019DIPCONSeattle47422Steve COOLEY
2018-10-07World DipCon XXVIII 2018WDCWashington945Andrew GOFF
2017-11-05Dipcon 2017DIPCON/CUPVermont50Doug MOORE
2016-06-26World DipCon XXVI 2016WDC/DIPCONChicago93552Chris BRAND
2015-08-09DipCon 48 2015DIPCON/CUPPhiladelphia47424Chris MARTIN
2014-01-26DipCon 47 2014DIPCON/CUPSeattle65429Dan LESTER
2013-10-13DipCon 46 2013DIPCON/CUPRosslyn, VA33Nathan COCKERILL
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 2012WDC/DIPCONChicago80546Michael BINDER
2011-11-06DipCon 44 2011DIPCONLake Moray36313Chris MARTIN
2010-04-18DipCon 43 2010DIPCONSan Francisco47421Eric MEAD
2009-06-28World DipCon XIX 2009WDC/DIPCONColumbus53423Andrew GOFF
2008-10-12DipCon 41 2008DIPCONTysons Corner51422Chris MARTIN
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONVancouver70649Doug MOORE
2006-02-26DipCon 39 2006DIPCONCharlottesville35416Hohn CHO
2005-03-13DipCon 38 2005DIPCONGolfe du Mexique1548Rick DESPER
2004-04-23DipCon 37 2004DIPCONPortland53428Ken LEMERE
2003-10-10DipCon 36 2003DIPCONWashington64428Edward HAWTHORNE
2002-05-26DipCon 35 2002DIPCONChapel Hill57425Morgan GURLEY
2001-02-18DipCon 34 2001DIPCONDenver66429David HOOD
2000-08-06World DipCon X 2000WDC/DIPCONBaltimore141458Simon BOUTON
1999-06-01DipCon 32 1999DIPCONColumbus37310Chris MAZZA
1998-07-06World DipCon VIII 1998WDC/DIPCONChapel Hill77431Chris MARTIN
1997-08-31DipCon 30 1997DIPCONSeattle3139Chris MAZZA
1996-06-01World DipCon VI 1996WDC/DIPCONColumbus88324Pitt CRANDLEMIRE
1995-08-06DipCon 28 1995DIPCONBaltimore73321Tom KOBRIN
Sylvain LAROSE
1994-10-23DipCon 27 1994DIPCONChapel Hill78427Bruce REIFF
1993-09-05DipCon 26 1993DIPCONSan Mateo77Hohn CHO
1992-09-07DipCon 25 1992DIPCONKensas City313Marc PETERS
1991-08-04DipCon 24 1991DIPCONScarborough67Gary BEHNEN
1990-06-24World DipCon II 1990WDC/DIPCONChapel Hill103434Jason BERGMANN
1989-07-30DipCon 22 (overall results) 1989DIPCONSan Diego1202Edi BIRSAN
1988-07-04DipCon 21 1988DIPCONSan Antonio23510Dan SELLERS
1987-06-07DipCon 20 1987DIPCONMadison, WI525David HOOD
1986-07-01DipCon 19 1986DIPCONFredericksburg62423Malcolm SMITH
1985-01-01DipCon 18 1985DIPCONSeattle60J.R. BAKER
1984-07-22DipCon 17 1984DIPCONDallas912Jeff KEY
1983-07-17DipCon 16 1983DIPCONDetroit1182Joyce SINGER
1982-07-25DipCon 15 1982DIPCONBaltimore161238Konrad BAUMEISTER
1981-07-05DipCon 14 1981DIPCONSan Mateo7744Ron BROWN
1980-06-07DipCon 13 1980DIPCONDetroit562Carl EICHELBERGER
1979-06-24DipCon 12 1979DIPCONChester110336Ben ZABLOCKI
1978-01-01DipCon 11 1978DIPCONLos Angeles70David LAGERSON
1977-01-01DipCon 10 1977DIPCONLake Geneva180Mike ROCAMORA
1976-07-25DipCon IX 1976DIPCONBaltimore1402Thomas REAPE
1975-08-17DipCon VIII 1975DIPCONChicago47417Walter BLANK
1974-08-18DipCon VII 1974DIPCONChicago773Mike ROCAMORA
1973-06-24DipCon VI 1973DIPCONChicago4928John SMYTHE
1972-07-23DipCon V 1972DIPCONChicago4928Richard ACKERLEY
1970-07-05DipCon III 1970DIPCONOklahoma City307John SMYTHE

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