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DipTIL 2006
Date April 8, 2006 Place Lyon
Tournament Director Joël GREA Scoring System Namur Initiation
Number of players 15 Number of rounds2 Number of boards3
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Route du RhĂ´ne 2006Tour de France 2006

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1R2
1Emmanuel DU PONTAVICE491930
2Yan CALIBET483018
3Laurent JOLY382018
4Joël GREA30.6300.6
5Gwen MAGGI301812
6France-May MARTEL20.40.420
7CĂ©dric VALERE2020
8CĂ©dric NICOLAS1616
9Aurélien GRILLON1414
10Nadine BRUN1212
11Sofiane SAIDANE99
12Christophe DUPONT55
13Julien TROISPOUX55
14Cyril LHERMET0.50.5
15Julien GERARD-BAMBI0.40.4

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