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World DipCon XXIX 2019
Euro DipCon XXVII
Date August 30 - September 1, 2019 Place Marseille
Tournament Director Gwen MAGGI, Laurent JOLY, Emmanuel DU PONTAVICE Scoring System Super Pastis
Number of players 38 Number of rounds4 Number of boards19
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics
For the first time, WDC and EDC were held in a single event. This was officially announced at the hobby meeting by Laurent JOLY, EDA president and before the Top Board by Cyrille SEVIN.

WDC and EDC hobby meetings :

Andrew Goff & Lei Saarlainen presented on behalf of the Asia Pacific Diplomacy Association a bid for organising the World Diplomacy Championship 2021 in Bangkok. The bid was selected at unanimity. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the event has been postponed in 2023.

Davide Cleopadre & Luca Pazzaglia presented on behalf of the Associazione Italiana di Diplomazia a bid for held the European Diplomacy Championship 2020 in Milano. The bid was selected at unanimity. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the event has been postponed in 2021.

Best Austria
RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreSCsRound / Board
1Vincent REULET487R1 B2
Best England
RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreSCsRound / Board
1Christophe BORGEAT8011R1 B4
Best France
RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreSCsRound / Board
Best Germany
RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreSCsRound / Board
1René VAN ROOIJEN7510R2 B1
Best Italy
RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreSCsRound / Board
Best Russia
RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreSCsRound / Board
1Cyrille SEVIN8713R1 B3
Best Turkey
RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreSCsRound / Board
1Gwen MAGGI8512R2 B3

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