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DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeRound / BoardCountryRankSCsScore
2017-04-02BADAss Whipping 2017CUPR 3 B 2Italy62ex (L)19050
2017-04-02BADAss Whipping 2017CUPR 2 B 2Germany5 (D6)2c.1.389
2015-06-14Weasel Moot IX 2015CUPR 3 B 1Germany52ex (D6)2c.1.4
2015-06-14Weasel Moot IX 2015CUPR 2 B 1Turkey26ex (L)1c.0
2015-06-14Weasel Moot IX 2015CUPR 1 B 1Italy7 (L)19040
2015-04-12CODCon Open 2015CUPR 3 B 1Turkey2 (D6)7c.14.244
2015-04-12CODCon Open 2015CUPR 2 B 3England22ex (D6)7c.22.273
2015-04-12CODCon Open 2015CUPR 1 B 1Italy34ex (D6)5c.12.626
2014-05-25World DipCon XXIV 2014WDCR 4 B 4England6 (L)0c.10
2014-05-25World DipCon XXIV 2014WDCR 3 B 5Austria5 (L)0c.20
2014-05-25World DipCon XXIV 2014WDCR 2 B 2Turkey7 (L)0c.0
2014-05-25World DipCon XXIV 2014WDCR 1 B 10Germany6 (L)0c.10
2014-01-26DipCon 47 2014DIPCON/CUPR 4 B 4Austria62ex0c.0
2014-01-26DipCon 47 2014DIPCON/CUPR 3 B 4Italy62ex0c.0
2014-01-26DipCon 47 2014DIPCON/CUPR 2 B 1England76ex11c.0
2014-01-26DipCon 47 2014DIPCON/CUPR 1 B 1Russia13ex9c.27.74
2013-01-20NADF Masters 2013MASTERSR 3 B 2Austria62ex0c.0
2013-01-20NADF Masters 2013MASTERSR 2 B 1Turkey62ex0c.0
2013-01-20NADF Masters 2013MASTERSR 1 B 1Germany62ex0c.0
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 2012WDC/DIPCONR 5 B 5France116c.68.817
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 2012WDC/DIPCONR 4 B 8Austria12ex8c.28.319
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 2012WDC/DIPCONR 3 B 9Russia62ex19060
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 2012WDC/DIPCONR 2 B 8Italy23ex7c.20.763
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 2012WDC/DIPCONR 1 B 9England53ex19120
2012-04-22CODCon Open 2012CUPR 3 B 2Germany111c.43.8406
2012-04-22CODCon Open 2012CUPR 2 B 2France29c.31.3953
2012-04-22CODCon Open 2012CUPR 1 B 2Russia36c.13.3333
2010-09-26Weasel Moot IV 2010CUPR 3 B 2Germany619077
2010-09-26Weasel Moot IV 2010CUPR 2 B 1Turkey719055
2010-09-26Weasel Moot IV 2010CUPR 1 B 4France52ex19088

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