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DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeStep of the following circuitsRankName of the teamRank (Team)
2013-05-04Joutes Occitanes de Diplomacy 2013OPENTDF n.c. / 5 players--
2012-04-28Joutes Occitanes de Diplomacy 2012CUPTDF 2 / 10 players--
2011-04-23Joutes Occitanes de Diplomacy 2011CUPTDF 1 / 9 players--
2010-04-24Joutes Occitanes de Diplomacy 2010CUPTDF 7 / 22 players--
2009-11-29Open de Gascogne 2009NCUPTDF 7 / 21 players--
2007-12-02DipLyon 2007CUP3 / 7 players--
2007-11-25Open de Gascogne 2007NCUPTDF 7 / 27 players--
2007-09-10Euro DipCon XV 2007EDCCDM EGP TDF 39 / 53 playersNN B9 / 14 teams
2006-12-03DipLyon 2006CUPRDR TDF 1 / 14 players--
2006-11-19Open de Gascogne 2006CUPTDF 10 / 22 players--
2005-12-18DipLyon 2005NCUPTDF 7 / 17 players--
2004-12-12DipLyon 2004CUPTDF 19 / 23 players--

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