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NameScoreInternational rankNational rank
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating65.5149/25006/257
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201666.5441/35003/281
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201566.5441/35003/282
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201466.8046/41344/308
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201363.9064/43136/310
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201258.28131/462912/322
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201158.14143/483514/336
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201056.25171/500717/353
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 200942.361177/510072/364
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 200840.252345/5065213/383
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 200740.961935/5020167/390
World Performance Evaluation525.20111/335513/349
World Performance Evaluation 2015108.0020/1843/14
World Performance Evaluation 2014120.5012/1642/12
World Performance Evaluation 2013129.0012/1572/14
World Performance Evaluation 2012150.0010/1581/11
World Performance Evaluation 201140.0066/1786/15
World Performance Evaluation 201092.0031/1972/13
World Performance Evaluation 200918.00127/2287/8

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