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Défi Paris Diplo 2005
Tournament DirectorEmmanuel Du Pontavice Scoring SystemC-Diplo Namur, C-Diplo Namur (18centres), C-Diplo
In ProgressNo PlaceParis
Number of players222 Number of boards134
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award ---
Detail of each board History of the league Statistics of the boards Statistics

Coeff : 3 Board : 10
TournamentMasters de DiplomacyTop boardNo

CountryFirstName LastNameScoreRankSCsYear of destruction
Austria Nicolas SAHUGUET 1 7 0 c. 1906
England Guillaume MARLIOT 10 6 2 c.  
France Christophe COUTURIER 59 1 8 c.  
Germany William ATTIA 22.5 32ex 6 c.  
Italy Philippe CLAVAUD 17 5 5 c.  
Russia Nicolas MORTAZANI 34 2 7 c.  
Turkey Florent LEPEYTRE 22.5 32ex 6 c.  

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