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AuthorMatt Shields Last Update2019-09-29
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GenCon Indianapolis 2006
Date August 10-13, 2006 Place Indianapolis
Number of players36 Number of rounds5 Number of boards9
Coeff 112.29 Coeff 2- Coeff 3-

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.Score
1Aaron BRANTNER98.61
2Thomas HAVER95.83
3Kevin KIM93.06
4Jerry PROCHAZKA90.28
5Chad MARTIN87.50
6Dan HODEL84.72
7Ron ROBERTS81.94
8Robert FIORIO79.17
9Jason COVITZ76.39
10Scott WIENHUSEN73.61
11Spencer THAL70.83
12Joel FUCE68.06
13Ian ZERNECHEL65.28
14Drew PARKS62.50
15Chris (Sr) ALBIN59.72
16Brad LUND56.94
17Andrew SHALLUE54.17
18Adnan SHAMOON51.39
19Jim KEHOE48.61
20Dan MCNEILL45.83
21John SOPER43.06
22Jim STEKER40.28
23Randy WHITE37.50
24Kenneth LARIMER34.72
25Rose UNKNOWN31.94
26Andy SCHOTT29.17
27Craig LAUVER26.39
27Zack THAL26.39
29Jerry STEPEK20.83
30Jeff DEFF18.06
30Ron KEEPING18.06
30Christina MANDARINES18.06
30Jim MILLER18.06
34Nathan CROWDER6.94
34Jeff DEFAUW6.94
36Rubin UNKNOWN1.39

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